How Different Industries can Leverage IVR Calling System for Growth?
The use of an IVR calling system is no longer limited to a single industry. Everybody wants to welcome their callers and make them feel at home. It amazes me that it never gets irritated or tired.

How Different Industries can Leverage IVR Calling System for Growth?

Through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, a customer and a computer can talk to each other using recorded voice and DTMF. It is a very important part of giving good, quick, cheap, and efficient customer service.

It's a service called "cloud telephony," which is being used more and more by both small and large businesses to improve the customer experience and cut costs.

IVR calling system is used in many different fields; it's no longer just for one industry. It is the best way to do this. Everyone wants to make their customers feel welcome when they call. I can't believe it doesn't get tired or mad. Voila!

IVR services are used by almost every business or government agency today:

  • E-commerce

  • Industry of Real Estate Education (Schools, Colleges, Coaching Institutes etc.)

  • Hospitals Hotels

  • IT industries

  • Banks

  • Telecommunication

Here, we'll tell you a little bit about how IVR calling system is used in hospitals, banks, telecommunications, and schools.


24*7 availability

This is the main reason why hospitals should have IVR. What if someone was always there to answer your calls in hospitals, even at odd hours? They could record your message and set up a quick call back.

It can be used to cut down on call-waiting time in hospitals. By using an IVR system, many tasks will be done automatically, which will make the system run more efficiently.

Getting information

Information about the caller can be saved for future use. Using the kept records, the patient being treated in the hospital can be kept in the loop. In hospitals, doctors keep a diary that helps them keep track of their patients' pasts and give better advice when they see them again.

Through IVR, each patient will have a unique id, and doctors will be able to see all of that patient's information (name, number, address, email id, reports, etc.) on the screen whenever they need to.

Surgeons and Doctors

Patients can find out if their doctor or surgeon is available and what their schedule is by using the IVR-based Per recorded voice and back SMS facility.

Billing and getting paid

Hospitals use IVR and text messages to send out payment reminders, and customers can use the system to make a payment.


Patients can call the number given and set up an appointment with the doctor of their choice. Once the appointment is set up based on availability, both the doctor and the patient will get an SMS message about it. We make fewer mistakes because we don't have to do as much work by hand to make the whole schedule.

Health Tips That Come to You

People who don't have time to see a doctor in this busy world can listen to pre-recorded information that answers their health questions. For example: diabetes, how to stop smoking, flu shots, caring for a child or newborn, immunizations, healthy eating, and other information that is specific to your health.

The test results and the meeting

Test reports are put online so that a patient can just call and enter their unique patient ID to hear the results of their tests. Everything goes more quickly and easily.

Feedback from Patients

If a patient finds a way to improve or has a suggestion, IVR gives you a voicemail feature where you can press a key and leave a message. Your reviews will be saved and used to make things better.

Marketing Programs

You can find out about upcoming events and camps where you can get your health checked. Go ahead with online registration once you have all the information you need, such as the name of the doctor, the time and place of the meeting, the phone number, etc.

IVR can also be used in other places. All you have to do is make a good IVR flow and put it into your system.


IVR calling system is used by the banking sector to make their day-to-day tasks easier.

  • For giving information about an account.

  • Keeping people up to date on different investment opportunities.

  • For questions about loans and information about loan programs.

  • In an emergency and when making a complaint.

  • Giving customers information about the products.

  • For requests related to account details / mini statements / last transactions etc.

Telecom Market

India now has the second-largest number of phone users in the world, and in a few years, it will pass China.

This means that more and more businesses are choosing "Toll-free & IVR Services" to reach this large number of phone users. And with millions of calls coming in every day, it's almost impossible to handle all the traffic by hand.

The Telecom industry uses IVR service in the following ways:

  • For giving customers information about their billing plans.

  • Sharing details about new plans and what they offer

  • For making reservations and seeing where customer complaints stand.

  • Getting customer feedback.

  • For giving good service to customers (Customer Care).

  • Users can sign up for and drop services like caller tunes, hello tunes, special packs, etc.


IVR calling systems can help schools, colleges, universities, coaching centers, training institutes, and many other places. A school can use this system to answer questions from students and parents about everything from admissions to test scores. IVRs can make it easier for institutes to run their business, and each department can handle more calls. Because every question is important, no call will be missed.

IVR is used by the education sector to do the following:

  • Course and subject information.

  • Each student's daily attendance record

  • The process of signing up.

  • Exam and test times and dates.

  • Report of the results.

  • Different academic and cultural events are covered in the news.

  • Information about the institution's educational facilities.

Why lose valuable customers when you can talk to them even when you can't be there or when you can talk to a lot of them at once?

Also, if you want to offer top-notch customer service and other services that aren't your core business, you'll need to be able to do both. Here's a post that shows how outsourcing can help you get more business.

This is how the IVR system saves you time by giving you all the information you need in just a few minutes. It saves money and can be done automatically. Services that are managed and quick. Help your business or group do well in a short amount of time.

Wrapping It Up

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