Why RBI Shows Interest In Launching A Crypto Banking Project?
RBI To Build A Crypto Banking Project - Explore!

Crypto banks’ future is improvising day-by-day as traditional banks started showing in developing crypto banks!

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Central banks like RBI expressed their interest in collaborating with the Crypto Banking Service Provider to develop a blockchain-based financing project. By knowing this hot news, UK-based crypto banks announced that they are ready to join hands with India, to launch this project. 

RBI collaborating with Blockchain-based Financing Project - Insights

RBI’s intention in developing a standard blockchain-powered Crypto Banking Project is strong, says reports. As an initial step of this project development they are ready to tie up with popular banks like SBI, ICICI, and HDFC, related to the issuing of digital documents and proof-of-concept. 

Then takes a second step of collaborating with the tech giants like CordaTechnologies, IBM, and SettleMint. It’s a hardcore proof that Crypto’s are the future in ruling the banking sector. 

Can I Create A Crypto Bank?

Of course you can!

But not on your own!

Hiring a developer is the most advised idea and the most recommended one too. Because Crypto Banks require lots of accuracies as you are dealing with funds and crypto’s. Any minute mistake can be a big threat in the future. Seeking support from the Crypto Banking Service Provider can actually save you and can make you to successful. Also, remember standing out from the crowd is a must as competitions are heavy. 

Crypto Banking Solutions from a professional developer can actually make you exposed to N number of features like 

  1. Merchant Payment Gateway
  2. Low Transactions Fees
  3. Cryptocurrency Trading Desk
  4. User Controlled Wallet
  5. Instant Transactions
  6. Protection For Banks From Frauds
  7. Real-time Data Analysis
  8. Remittance
  9. Secure API
  10. Intuitive Front-End
  11. Banking Modules
  12. Loans & Credit

Why not consider them?

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