Top 10 NFT marketplaces for creators
Next, discover the 10 best marketplaces for NFTs that you can find online :

1# OpenSea

First of all, we cannot not mention OpenSea. This marketplace for NFTs is the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens. It currently has no less than 2 million collections and 80 million NFTs.

It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and offers a wide range of digital products including art, sports cards, domain names and NFT projects such as Decentraland or CryptoKitties.

Creators can create their own items on the blockchain using OpenSea’s item minting tool without having to write a single line of code, and the platform only takes a 2.5% commission on sales on its marketplace.

2# BakerySwap

In second place we have Bakery Swap. This platform for NFT marketplace development is supported by more than 100,000 holders. It is a marketplace hosted on the Binance Smart Chain that offers a wide range of DeFi services . This allows users to use their tokens.

And not only that, BakeryShop also has Bake, the native token that users can earn by providing liquidity. This token can then be used to buy NFTs.

3# Rare

Third is Rarible, another piece of software that allows digital artists and creators to issue and sell custom crypto assets that represent ownership of their digital work. Rarible is not only a marketplace for this type of asset but also a network built on Ethereum that allows trading without intermediaries.

For example, while OpenSea offers a platform that makes it easy for users to buy and sell NFTs, Rarible is more focused on offering a space where creators have a say in how the tool should work. In other words, it grants them not only ownership of their art, but also ownership of the marketplace itself.

4# SuperRare

Fourth, we have SuperRare, another of the best-known NFT marketplaces. It stands out for being exclusive to crypto art and for bringing together a wide variety of digital works of art produced by renowned artists and emerging creators.

In its early days, SuperRare was born as a centralized platform vetting artists through its team, but in 2021 the platform introduced its Rare governance token, beginning its conversion to a DAO run by a community of creatives and collectors.

5# Larva Labs

Larva Labs is a good choice if you’re a fan of CryptoPunks or Meebits , a collection of digital characters that made tokens popular at the time. Therefore, this platform is very useful if you want to buy your first NFT or expand the collection, since they do not charge any fee for the transaction. This lab also offers 3D characters called Meebits, as well as various other blockchain projects and games. However, it has a limited selection of NFTs compared to the main marketplaces.

6# Magic Eden

In sixth place on the NFT marketplace list we have Magic Eden. Magic Eden is built on the Solana blockchain, capable of processing more than 65,000 transactions per second.

This platform charges 0% listing fees and 2% transaction fees. He strives to make the creation and distribution of NFTs an easy process without requiring any technical knowledge. In this case, users only need to upload the files that contain their work. The rest of the process is handled directly by Magic Eden.

7# Enjin Marketplace

Enjin encourages the finding and trading of all kinds of items, be it rare and unique digital art and branded cryptocurrency, or digital fashion and in-game items to be used across multiple worlds.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Singapore, Enjin has grown into a leading social gaming platform . It is based on the Ethereum network and the same company launched its own coin in 2018 under the name of Enjin Coin.

8# KnownOrigin

Coming in at number eight on the list of NFT marketplace platform development tools is KnownOrigin, an artist-powered platform that makes it easy for digital creators to authenticate, display, and sell their works and collectibles.

Collectors can purchase minted digital assets through the KnowOrigin smart contract . It is a commission-based platform, so no intermediaries are needed. With the first sale, artists receive 85% and 15% to the platform.

9# Axie Infinity

This marketplace focuses on one of the most popular crypto video games . In this regard, it allows users to buy and sell NFTs for the creatures, items, and terrain that are used in the game. The game requires three Axie Infinity to start, and for that, using their marketplace is the fastest way to get started.

Axie Infinity offers hundreds of thousands of Axies, which are digital pets that have different attributes and rarities. With the Axies, a player can fight, explore the area, and even create new creatures. NFTs that a user purchases from the Axie Infinity Marketplaces are added to the player’s inventory. In the event that he decides to sell it, he can do so by auctioning it or with a fixed price.

10# Nifty Gateway

Finally, we close the list of the best NFT marketplace development service with Nifty Gateway. One of the main differences of this marketplace is that it is a custody platform. This means that your NFTs are stored in a secure wallet powered by state-of-the-art technology. This allows collectors to move work on the platform, whether buying, giving away or selling, at no extra cost.

Another point in favor is that its nature allows movement without having to process a transaction on the blockchain, which eliminates gas fees. This saves users money and unnecessary paperwork.

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