Diaphragm Operated Solenoid Valve
We offer a Wide Variety of 2-2 Way Pilot Diaphragm Operated Solenoid Valve at Concorde Valves and Automation. Generally, this valve is Used for Cycling at High Speeds. In Addition to Having a High Flow Capacity, this Valve is Compact in Design and Lightweight. Visit Now for More Details.

HIGH FLOW DIAPHRAGM OPERATED SOLENOID VALVE, are specially engineered in the construction of Investment Cast CF8 / CF8M / CF3M body with Electro plating for multiple and long lasting operations.

Types 1: Normally close - Energized to Open 2. Normally Open - Energised to Close

Application: Air, Water, Light Oil, Gas, Light Chemical

Diaphragm Operated Solenoid Valveare most frequently associated with 2-way solenoid valve. They usually consist of a rubber diaphragm which move up or down within a valve body. This promote an opening or closing alongside a hard seat, thereby shifting the state of the solenoid valve. In direct acting or Diaphragm operated solenoid valve, the media demand has no bearing on the position of the diaphragm. It just changes its state once the solenoid coil is energised and moreover opens or closes, depending on the requirement of the solenoid valve in its resting state (normally closed or normally open).

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