5 Best Lead Tracking Software Available in the Market
Lead tracking software can help you map out the routes of potential clients and keep track of their activity in real-time. It can also help you track down leads by learning where they came from and why they might be interesting to you, and how you should follow up with them.

5 Best Lead Tracking Software Available in the Market

What Functions Should you Anticipate from a Lead Management Software?

You may improve your lead follow-up efforts by using the following ten capabilities, all of which are available in the best lead tracking software platforms:

  • Potential customers' paths might be mapped out in several different ways.

  • Automate your follow-up emails with prospects until you get a response.

  • Get more information about potential customers automatically from email signatures and other public sources.

  • Follow up on your leads by tracing their origin (and potential motivation)

  • You'll get a reminder to contact leads automatically when leads become inactive.

  • Prospects may be followed up thanks to a system that monitors their emails and websites.

  • Using the app's notification hub, you can observe the current activities of your leads in real-time.

  • Create digital contacts using a business card reader.

  • If you want to handle leads more efficiently, use email templates on Gmail.

  • A convenient email add-on allows you to manage your leads in one place.

How do you Know Which Lead Management Software is Right for Your Business?

The characteristics above, when combined, provide for excellent lead management and lead tracking software, which in turn may greatly increase your success rate and productivity. Below, we've compiled the results of our investigation on the various platforms and the services they provide.

In addition, while evaluating alternatives, it's crucial to keep the broader picture in mind to guarantee buy-in from your staff and ensure the software's success. Investing in lead management software never used is a waste of money.

This is why we'll provide you with each program's current G2 score, so you can see how they compare. The components are as follows:

  • Utilization Simplicity

  • Simple Configuration Satisfies Preferences

  • Quality of Service Ease of Transactions Low Administrative Effort

Listed are the Top Five Lead Tracking Software.

1. Office24by7

  • Watch traffic to avoid accidents: Start a dashboard to analyze your website's performance depending on visitors' devices and locations. Using monitoring tools, you may track each website landing page's success. Keyword and duration analysis results may be exported to CSV for reporting.

  • Monitoring PPC Ads: PPC campaigns assess the following data points. All of your advertising's click-through rates may be calculated centrally. Effective tool monitoring software includes average locations and average CPC to assess the exact cost of each click and conversion. Office24by7 can measure lead quality.

  • Social network monitoring: Tracking software lets you monitor your campaigns, analyze their efficiency by the statistics, and learn from each channel with detailed lead information. Successful social media management requires careful metric monitoring and data interpretation. With Office24by7, you may get fast data and analysis.

  • Outsourced ERP and CRM: Office24by7 is easy to interface with ERPs and CRMs. Monitoring and analyzing conversion rates and affiliate partner lead quality is crucial. Source tracker from Office24by7 lets you monitor your campaigns from a single spot.

2. Hubspot CRM

HubSpot began as a marketing automation software but is now a full platform. Its creators aimed to simplify marketing automation in 2005.

The fact that HubSpot can manage marketing, sales, customer support, and back-end operations is its major selling point. HubSpot may be the solution if you're weary of juggling several applications (through methods like Zapier and built-in connections).

HubSpot's CRM and Sales Hub are needed to match the other lead management software we rated.

3. CRM pipeline

Pipeliner CRM, formerly known as Pipelinersales, was founded in 2009 to provide better sales software.

Because of their devotion to lead management, we included Office24by7 in our comparison, even though it's seldom compared to Pipeliner by lead follow-up enthusiasts.

It offers more functionality than the other platforms but is less current and harder to use. Pipeliner's pricing grows quickly with more features; therefore, it's perfect for mid-sized organizations with significant budgets.

4. Freshworks CRM

From the makers of Freshdesk comes Freshworks CRM, formerly Freshsales. In 2010, Freshworks' founders noticed a need for an inexpensive customer care platform.

Freshworks' many features are a selling factor. In addition to delivering more capabilities than competitor Zoho, the UI is easier to use.

The platform's UI is so packed with features that casual usage may produce headaches, fatigue, and confusion.

5. Sales Cloud by Salesforce

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM), Salesforce dominates the industry. By 2021, the business is expected to have a 20% market share. In 1999, a former Oracle executive established the company in California.

Salesforce provides a comprehensive platform for businesses, which essentially amounts to a collection of building blocks from which anything may be constructed, offers the opportunity to personalize anything, and promises to integrate with whatever other software the business may be using.

A consulting firm is often needed for a Salesforce installation to map the business requirements and process, construct all this in Salesforce, link to other software, educate the staff, and follow up with extra adjustments after the fact.

Even though the software is not well-suited for SMBs and was not designed specifically for lead management software, it is impossible to provide an accurate comparison without including the market leader.

Wrapping It Up

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