LED Driver Convert Alternating Current From High Voltage To Low Voltage
LED Driver

A device known as an LED Driver does exactly what it says on the tin: it supplies power to one or more LEDs. The advantage of LEDs is their energy efficiency; they start up quickly and with little electricity. LEDs actually operate at a fairly low voltage of DC power, often between 2V and 4V. As a result, they need a device that can convert AC into DC for them and shields them from power surges that can occur and cause the LEDs to overheat and cause problems. The LED driver serves as a buffer of protection in addition to managing electrical current. Everything is perfect, just like Baby Bear in the Goldilocks story.

LED Driver are electronic devices that convert the AC voltage into the required DC voltage to operate the LED lights. The driver's primary function is to regulate the amount of current and voltage supplied to the LED lights, ensuring their longevity and optimum performance.

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