What is the difference between Web 3 and the metaverse?
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What is the difference between Web 3 and the metaverse?
Susana explains the differences between the metaverse and Web 3, and how blockchain and internet technology are present in both innovations.

What is the difference between Web 3 and the metaverse?
Web 3 eliminates the need for intermediaries, the metaverse does not.
2.In Web 3 users are owners of their creations and identity, in the metaverse there is still a monopoly.
3.In Web 3 users can create, own, sell and buy content and monetize their creations, the metaverse is a 3D world where you can interact and play with friends, objects and places in 3D.
There is a lot of talk about the #metaverse development company and #web3 , but there is a misconception that both concepts are the same. They are not! They can be merged to create a Web 3 metaverse , but this is not required.

Let’s make a brief summary to clarify things:

Envisioned as an immersive 3D environment that combines digitally enhanced physical reality with physically virtual environments.
2.Integration of virtual reality ( #R V), augmented reality (#R A) and mixed reality (#RM ).
3.New way of interacting with the #internet , converting it from 2D to 3D.
4.It applies to gaming, shopping, training, work, socializing, education, etc.
5.It can be enabled through blockchain and #cryptocurrencies .
6.A monopoly can still own your digital creations and identity.

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It establishes a decentralized network where the user can own and control the #assets and materials they create, own their digital #identity and monetize them.
2.Applicable throughout the web.
It facilitates peer 2 peer networks without permission through #blockchain .
4.Create a democratic system applicable to all interactions (it works without a market monopoly).
5.Eliminates the need for intermediaries.

Let’s explore how the metaverse and Web 3 can merge
Web 3 and the metaverse development services are not the same, but they are not opposite visions of the future of the internet either, as they can merge.

Digital artists can create their own avatar and clothing, while remaining anonymous while exploring this wonderful virtual world. The metaverse has great potential to change the way we work, socialize, and interact on the internet in general.

However, the necessary technology is not yet fully available. An Intel Corporation report explains that computers will need to be 1,000 times more efficient to support the metaverse; and there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to creating comfortable and affordable VR glasses.

In the future, the vision is to have a Web 3 framework for economic interoperability. The metaverse can follow a centralized, decentralized, or hybrid version.

Assets for sale in the metaverse development solutions could be developed by digital artists who see the new internet experience as a way to monetize their creations — or by large #corporations like Nike and Gucci who see the metaverse as a new source of income for your business model.

We can conclude that the metaverse is a 3D world where you can interact with friends, objects and places in 3D; as well as play with friends from the creator’s ground. In the case of Web 3, users can create, own, sell and buy their content; besides that they can charge for their creations.

The fusion of Web 3 and the metaverse is in the process of developing a new open and decentralized global reality that manifests itself in virtuality.