Top Reasons Why Flutter Become A Trend In Application Development
Flutter is the quickest framework to develop cross-platform mobile application. It has bright future and huge opportunities for developers.

Why Flutter Become A Trend In Application Development

Flutter is one of the most dynamic and popular products that was developed by Google in the year 2017. In the year of 2018 Flutter was introduced to mobile app developers and from there it received a huge response and popularity for its ability to develop feature-rich app interfaces. It also manages together huge communities in a very short period of time.

Flutter is a great tool from Google for creating cross-platform applications which – starting from the newest stable version – can be deployed to the web, desktop, and mobile.

Google is encouraging the Flutter as a better and easy to learn a framework that allows developers to create quality maintainable solutions.  Easy, it is just the next cross-platform framework.

History of Flutter

Flutter is basically an open-source UI development kit to develop cross platforms apps from a single code base. The earlier version of Flutterwas known as codename “Sky” and first ran on the Android operating system. It used Dart language and at 2015. Dart developer summit with the stated intent of being able to render consistently at 120 frames per second. Google announced Flutter Release Preview 2, which is the last big release before flutter 1.0. On December 4, 2018. Flutter 1.0 was released at the Flutter Live event, denoting the first “stable” version of the Framework. On December 11, 2019, Flutter 1.12 was released at the Flutter Interactive event.

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