What will the metaverse be like in the health sector?
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Metaverse, and more metaverse development company, is a term that does not stop flooding conversations about our future due to its multiple uses, but what benefits as citizens can we really obtain from this digital universe?

The applications of the metaverse are multiple, but where it can really have a positive impact is in primary sectors such as health. And it is that, according to Gartner, 37% of users in 2025 will request to use a digital assistant to interact with the customer service . Despite the fact that Spanish citizens try to avoid using health resources if it is not strictly necessary, according to the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, close to 80% of the population made an average of seven annual visits to their health specialist. primary care during this period . To these data it is important to add the evolution of the industry towards a personalized attention model that offers us more personalized services.accessible, efficient, safe and comfortable .

At Abai we have closely analyzed this evolution and wanted to add value in the field of public relations by using 3D avatars that are capable of communicating with citizens and becoming the gateway to the metaverse development services . Our avatars incorporate three layers of technology to provide a comprehensive service that adds value and end to end solutions.

The first layer is the Interface , your face, your look, your gestures, your space, your screens . Being able to convey the maximum message in the least amount of time . The second layer is intelligence, anartificial intelligence brain built with the best natural language engines capable of understanding the user through voice, text or gestures on the screen . The third layer is the performance layer, capable of integrating with any system through automation and robotics . In short, a digital human with a face, brain and arms to facilitate access to an increasingly connected world . A reality that opens up the dimensions of your screens to enter 3D universes that are increasingly realistic and interactive .

The application of the metaverse and digital humans in the health sector has as its main objective to serve as support for our doctors and health workers . Currently we can use avatars in the questionnaires of patients whose response causes modesty to users, such as addictions, detection of bad habits in minors, sexual education, etc.

We can also use them to convince and raise awareness . By sending SMS messages with access to expert avatars in the screening processes, we are able to maximize testing . Or even provide an expert avatar to health schools to guide users in accessing content or even teach it himself.

One of the main objectives of digital humans is to help citizens with artificial intelligence that interfaces with the portal and metaverse health care applications. This point is really relevant for the elderly, the part of the population that suffers the most from the technological gap.

Other applications would be the admission of appointments , becoming information points to facilitate the location of citizens in health centers, monitoring treatments or even reinforcing rehabilitation exercises . In short, the reality of the metaverse has come to stay, as Big Data or Blockchain did long before , tools that serve multiple purposes and are only limited by the imagination of their designers.
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