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Marketing and Advertising in the Metaverse

First of all, marketers need to keep in mind the value of millennials and Gen Z as a target market . These generations are essential since they tend to be users of some forms of Metaverse Development company, such as video games like Roblox or technologies like Virtual Reality. But how can we do marketing in the metaverse?

Creating marketing experiences that tie in with real-world experiences or parallel what the brand already does in real life is key. You can also offer virtual advertising in the metaverse. For example, Bidstack, a video game ad technology company, moved from working on real-world outdoor advertising to placing ads on virtual billboards.

However, you can go much further. Since metaverses are experiential and immersive in nature, it's best to offer the same immersive experience with your ads and marketing initiatives. For this reason, you should bet on offering brand events in which users can interact, concerts, etc.

People like to collect things, and the metaverse is yet another space to share our interests. As a brand, there is the potential to offer limited edition assets or items that can only be collected in the metaverse. In short, for organizations, the metaverse offers endless opportunities and the key is knowing how to find the one that best suits the values, sector and personality of the brand.

Companies and brands that are already embracing the metaverse

With that said, let's look at some examples of companies that have already jumped into the metaverse world and how they've done it. Take note!

1. Gucci Garden celebrates its 100 years on Roblox

First, we have Gucci. The luxury brand created in 2021 a temporary digital space of its centenary exhibition on the Roblox video game platform , which allowed users to traverse spaces that other players have created. In addition, they could move through different themed rooms and buy, for example, cosmetic treatments for their avatars.

For two weeks, the fashion house created a unique virtual garden exhibit, accessible exclusively through the platform. The virtual exhibition was part of the Gucci Archetypes, a two-week immersive multimedia experience in Florence, Italy.

The Roblox experience mimicked the physical experience. This allowed Roblox users to purchase digital clothing only available for a limited period of time , creating a sense of scarcity and increasing prices.

2. Coca-Cola promotes its own NFTs

Second, we have the giant Coca-cola. The beverage brand has recently presented a new innovation platform for limited edition products created jointly between marketing, creativity, design and technology. In these, consumers can use Starlight's augmented reality filters on social media and have immersive audio ASMR experiences . Among other things, scanning a can or bottle of the new flavor through Coca-Cola Creations will open a virtual reality concert by singer and brand ambassador Ava Max. The company relied on the power of its brand to fuel its collection and raise more than $500,000 for charity in 72 hours.

3. Louis Vuitton travels with Louis The Game

We return to luxury brands. In this case, Louis Vuitton. In its celebrations for the birth of its creator (more than 200 years ago), the fashion house developed Louis The Game , a video game that combines its heritage innovation and NFT art.

He eventually ended up in Paris, where he set up his business. Called Louis The Game, it takes players on an action-packed adventure through six imaginary worlds that exist outside of time ,Metaverse Development Services where they will play as Vivienne, the Louis Vuitton mascot.

Once the user enters Louis The Game, they embark on an adventure reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda. He can run, jump and collect items along the way.

4. Nikeland, Nike's virtual world on Roblox

In October last year, the sporting goods giant filed a trademark application with the US patent office to sell branded sneakers in a virtual world . Soon after, the company launched an online game zone on Roblox called Nikeland , where users could create an avatar of themselves and play sports in a virtual space.

In addition to Nike-sponsored games, Roblox is digitally spreading brand awareness with product showrooms and unique avatar customization elements. In fact, players can choose Nike clothing to dress them up, such as classic shoes like Air Force 1 or Nike Blazer. Likewise, Nike keeps players updated with new products and models.

5. Try the latest in cars with Hyundai Mobility Adventure

Luxury companies are not the only ones that have opted to promote themselves in the metaverse. At the end of last year we could see how the multinational automobile company Hyundai also joined this new adventure. The company launched Hyundai Mobility Adventure in October, a space on Roblox showcasing the firm's newest products and future mobility solutions.

On this virtual stage shared with the community, users can meet and communicate with each other, as well as experience the company's mobility offerings in the form of avatars. The goal of this campaign is to build innovative relationships with the younger generations, strengthening its virtual customer experience content to familiarize them with new vehicles and future mobility solutions. Through five rooms, participants can move freely testing Hyundai products and play multiple games.

6. Going out to a virtual party at Amnesia Ibiza

The Ibizan club Amnesia Ibiza , known worldwide, with more than 40 years of history, made public an agreement to develop the club in the metaverse. Promoted by Descentral Games, the world's first community metaverse, it has three spaces.

First of all, with an iconic terrace where the user can move around the dance floor, listen to music or watch live streaming sessions from Ibiza . Metaverse Development Solutions And, in third place, there is the Amnesia Arena, with the aim of holding concerts, accommodating new talent and various shows.

7. Sotheby's, the auction house that bets on online bidding

Finally, there is Sotheby's, the oldest art and luxury auction house in the world. Sotheby's has launched Sotheby's Metaverse , its own platform dedicated to digital collectors. It offers a unique selection of NFTs chosen by brand specialists. It is the first auction house to have created a custom proprietary NFT marketplace that will serve as a channel for non-fungible token sales.

Two years ago Sotheby's partnered with crypto artists, experts and collectors to take advantage of the explosion of interest in blockchain -based art assets . In this regard, the new proprietary NFT marketplace aims to serve as a virtual gathering space for the most sought after assets.