“Stay Laid” Braid Gel for hair laid edges with braids (Novelle nouveau)
NVNV Beauty braid gel for hair comes with a soothing orange scent. It hydrates and holds the braids for a long. You can enjoy laid edges with braids as the non-greasy gel that is lighter on hair holds it in its place for a long. Click to know more.

NVNV Beauty braid gel for hair gives firm hold on braids, twists, and locks. The stay-laid edges with braids make your hairstyle awesome. You shall go to parties and functions without worrying about messing up your hair on the way. Click to know more. 

NVNV Beauty sells some of the best hair care and styling products. The braid gel for hair is a hot-selling product. It's the best choice for beginners learning to braid. The gel holds unruly hair and gives perfect stay-laid edges with braids. Click now.