They say that Prevention is better than any cure. That is why articles about mental health from top health care magazines share which is better, Psychotherapy or Counseling? Also, the similarities and differences of the two. Read our blog to know more!

In this guest article, Registered Psychologist JB Bacaoco shares the similarities and differences between psychotherapy and counseling to help you choose which is best suited for your mental health situation.

Counseling and psychotherapy are terms that are often used interchangeably because of their similarities. While they may appear to be too related, they have a lot of differences. Suppose you are someone who has been considering seeking professional help for your mental health concerns. In that case, you might be wondering which of the two interventions you might benefit from the most and which one is appropriate for your problems.

The pandemic and the implementation of community quarantine took a toll on our mental health. It brought a lot of uncertainties and sudden disruption from our previous routines. As an effect, many individuals experienced anxiety, sadness, anger, and other intense emotions. Hence, it is important to recognize that there is nothing wrong with seeking help for problems encountered because of the pandemic. As people become more open in considering seeking professional help, it is essential that they get educated about their options. Knowing the similarities and differences can provide valuable information when people decide to consult a mental health professional.