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London Tour Guide Konrad Wolk

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If you are looking for a travel companion to explore the unknown and exciting parts of London, call us now. There are so many tourist attractions in this fascinating European city, which I can introduce through my guided tours. Be it Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, Hampton Court Palace, Warner Bros. Studio, St. Paul’s Cathedral, National Gallary, or any other location, we can provide guided tours whenever you require. 

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Hi, I am Konrad and I am a licensed tourist guide in London. My birthplace was in Scotland. However, my family moved to England when I was around 2 years old. After living in Essex and Sussex for several years, I stepped in London for completing my University degree. This is when I was mesmerised by the beauty and charm of this city and explored interesting areas, which are quite hidden gems.

I worked as Travel Director for Trafalgar Vacations. My knowledge and experience of 22 years in the travel industry have helped me sharpen my guiding skills. Now, I enjoy assisting tourists from every corner of the globe to explore this fascinating city of London.

Enjoy a virtual or private tour in London and explore famous landmarks, heritage sites, churches, and museums. We include walking tours, double-decker buses, limousines, or London Tube as per the touring needs.