Kick Start Your Own NFT Marketplace Like Decentraland
Launch your Virtual reality-based NFT marketplace like decentraland with the readily available Decentraland Clone Script. Maticz delivers the best in class Decentraland Clone Script which comprises all the indispensable features.

Decentraland Clone 


Decentraland is the first-ever blockchain-powered metaverse platform where the users create content and monetize them. Users can owe LAND and Real Estates in the decentraland and they have full control over them and they can create three-dimensional space, publish their contents, etc. The former token of decentraland is MANA which is an ERC20 cryptocurrency token. Mana is burnt for exchanging Land and other goods & services hosted in decentraland.  Decentraland is not only a gaming platform, many crypto investors are showing interest to create and sell NFTs. The NFT sale in decentraland has hit $8 million dollars. Hence many folks are curious about creating an NFT marketplace like decentraland. This is made possible with the readily available Decentraland Clone Script which has all the end-to-end functionalities like decentraland. 


Prime Features of Decentraland Clone Script


  1. Highly Secure and Transparent

  2. Wholly Decentralized Platform

  3. P2P Interactions

  4. Cross-platform Compatability

  5. Reputation-based Approach

  6. API Integrations

  7. Sandbox tested Marketplace

  8. Global Payment Scheme


Decentraland is flaring up in the crypto industry with its lucrative features. Kick start your own Virtual Reality-based NFT Marketplace with Maticz, The superior NFT Marketplace Development Company. Our experts develop a fully furnished Decentraland Clone Script and offer complete guidance throughout the development process. Launch Your NFT marketplace like decentraland with Decentraland Clone.