Learn what inkjet printing vinyl technology is and how an ordinary vinyl printer uses permanent craft vinyl to produce high-quality inkjet vinyl sticker paper.

How to use inkjet printing vinyl as a beginner


1. What is inkjet printing vinyl?

2. Application of inkjet printing vinyl

3. How to use inkjet printing vinyl?

inkjet vinyl sticker paper

We always hear about "Inkjet printing vinyl", and some of the questions we often see are "How does permanent craft vinyl work?", "How to print on vinyl with a vinyl printer?", "inkjet vinyl sticker paper is it waterproof?" All these questions and more will be answered in this article, so even if you are a beginner, you will understand what inkjet vinyl is and how it works.

What is inkjet printing vinyl?

Inkjet printing vinyl is a permanent craft vinyl, you can use a vinyl printer to print. What kind of printable vinyl you get depends on the brand. For example, Yunsays offers inkjet vinyl sticker paper. There are also waterproof printable vinyls there, so it all depends on what you are looking for. Inkjet printing vinyl is great because it saves a lot of time and effort without having to perform complex layering, especially when you are dealing with a lot of details or smaller projects. You can use your own inkjet printer to print on vinyl and then use your or your favorite other die cutter to cut it. Inkjet printing vinyl is just like any other type of vinyl, so you can use it for car decals, cups, glasses, laptops, and more!

Application of inkjet printing vinyl

Inkjet printing vinyl works similar to stickers, but slightly different from stickers. Printable vinyl can be used for car decals, cups, laptops, etc. Stickers can be used for things like binders and notebooks. Stickers are more for fun and suitable for kids. And most stickers are not waterproof. But the inkjet vinyl sticker paper produced by Yunsays is waterproof. The problem with stickers is that if they get wet, they won't last long and the ink will smudge. Therefore, if your clothes should be wet, you'd better use permanent craft vinyl stickers instead of regular stickers. If you are looking for waterproof gloss inkjet vinyl sticker paper, Yunsays inkjet vinyl sticker paper will be your first choice for vinyl printers.

inkjet vinyl sticker paper

How to use inkjet printing vinyl?

When you use inkjet printing vinyl, you'd better prepare an ordinary vinyl printer instead of a sublimation printer. Moreover, when printing inkjet vinyl sticker paper, you also need to make sure to use the correct type of vinyl. It would be even better if the printer could print high-quality images. The most common question is: Can I use laser printing to print on permanent craft vinyl? For most inkjet printing vinyls, it is absolutely forbidden on the market! Laser printers can heat up to 400 degrees, which may melt your vinyl and damage your printer with the wrong printable vinyl. But not for Yunsays printable vinyl! In addition, "Is inkjet printing vinyl waterproof?" is also a common question. In fact, it also depends on what kind of permanent craft vinyl you have. There are not only waterproof vinyls on the market, but also non-waterproof vinyls. once again! Yunsays inkjet vinyl sticker paper is waterproof! Even if you accidentally put water on it, you will not damage your pattern.

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