How Does Government Support to Independent Filmmakers Boost Turkey Documentary Television Market?
The Turkey documentary television market is expected to rise due to the growing number of television viewers in the country.

The Turkey documentary television market is expected to rise due to the growing number of television viewers in the country. Moreover, the interest of Turkish people in watching the documentary has increased over the years. The everyday TV-watching population in the country has witnessed a steady rise in the last decade, including documentary viewers. Among these numerous media formats, rise in the has introduced in the market, with increased investment in tv documentaries by media companies. 

A gradual shift has seen among Turk population, as a large number of people started watching television, including teenagers causing a Turkey documentary television market boom. The primary TV broadcaster of Turkey, Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, launched a channel, TRT-Belgesel, for broadcasting documentaries.Earlier, documentaries were viewed as offbeat genres having an interest of very few people in the country, and they were usually programmed during festivals with insufficient screening facilities due to the minimum interest of people. Moreover, critical discussions and appreciation have been witnessed among viewers on several subjects of documentaries. This trend resulted in a boost in the documentary television market in the country. 

In addition, the production and broadcasting of documentaries in the country are attracting huge investments due to the rising interest of the people in watching documentaries, resulting in Turkey documentary television market boost. The documentaries are capturing the attention of the mass viewers, resulting in a huge exposure to people. Moreover, the Turkish government provides support to independent documentary filmmakers in the form of monetary funding. It has transformed the landscape of filmmaking by providing filmmakers more opportunities to choose the documentary subject without any such budget restrictions, thus resulting in a market boom. 

The rise in the education level in the country has resulted in developing the interest of teenagers in informative and educational programs, leading to the Turkey documentary television market expansion. Moreover, the documentary programs based on wildlife have drawn mass popularity among people in Turkey. The people of a higher age group have shown wide interest in watching documentaries in Turkey, while the teenage population remained untargeted by documentary producers and broadcasters. The shift in the preferences on subjects of documentaries has landed a mass viewership, along with sports. 

The growing transformation of the cultural markets related to both industry and the audience proliferates the Turkey documentary television market. The rising popularity of the domestic popular films resulted in a rise in their box office share. The increase in the disposal income of the population, decline-in ticket prices, and rising education levels with advanced programs that involve watching the documentary, including the urbanization have created the mass potential for domestic films. 

The key players in the Turkey documentary television market include Radio and Television Corporation, Discovery Communications Inc., Al Jazeera Media Network, Digiturk, France 24, and Time Warner Inc. 

Therefore, the market is witnessing a significant rise over the years due to government support for independent filmmakers.