Choosing an online tutor or becoming an homework help answers provider
Online tutoring - Have you ever wondered how you can choose an online tutor or become a great tutor dedicated to providing the best homework help answers? This article discusses these two options.

Steps to choose a good tutor online for the best learning experience

Choosing an online tutor from thousands of online tutoring services is not easy and most students ends up choosing the wrong tutors. If you want to know the right way to choose an online tutor, please read this article.

Any student who wants to take online tutoring courses needs a good tutor. If you are lucky enough to live near one of the best universities in your country and if they offer such courses free of charge, then you don't need to worry about choosing an online tutor because that university's tutors will probably be among the best. However, we assume that most students do not have such luck and university course fee is just too much for them and they cannot attend regular classes at their universities either.

Here are steps to choose a good tutor online for :

1. Decide what you want to learn

You need a tutor who specializes in the topic you are interested in. If you need math homework help, then you don't need physics or biology tutor. You should not choose an online tutor just because he has an excellent feedback from other students who did not even study the same topic as you do. In order to determine whether a person is suitable for your needs, always ask about his/her education and work experience in relation to whatever topic you need help with.

2. Determine how much knowledge & skills the teacher must have

An online tutor should know more than just blogging or writing articles like this one because teaching means transferring knowledge and skills which is difficult and complex process and if the online tutor doesn't know his subject well enough, then you might end up learning the wrong things. In order to test the knowledge of an online tutor, ask him questions from specific topics and not from whole field of study. For example, if you need help with essay writing in general, asking a tutor about English grammar is pointless because he/she won't have wide range of experience in English grammar since this is just a small part of general essay writing.

3. Testing the online tutor

Once you have selected a few candidates for your tutoring sessions , it's time to test their skills by sending one or two assignments that will take around 2 hours to complete and let them turn it into a finished product. Make sure that these instructions are as precise as possible and test the tutor's ability to follow instructions.

4. Communicating with online tutor

Communication is very important skill for an online tutor because if you cannot effectively communicate with your tutor , he/she will not be able to help you solve your problems. Since an online tutor won't see you on a regular basis, there are three main ways of communication between student and teacher:

  • Skype video calls - this is one of the most popular way of communicating because it gives both student and teacher opportunity to see each other while talking. The only disadvantage is that the screen sharing feature requires good computer hardware which might be too expensive for students who are looking for free or affordable online tutoring services .
  • Texting - this type of communication is very efficient and can save you a lot of time because it doesn't require any special software to be installed on your computer. It's also very private because there are no screenshots or videos that can come into the hands of third parties. The only problem with this method is that if tutor cannot solve your problems by text messaging , he/she might not have enough knowledge to help you either so make sure the tutor has good reputation.
  • Phone calls - phone calls are more personal than texting but they take more time to communicate certain things so keep in mind that free online tutoring websites usually do not offer unlimited calling minutes, therefore using them for communicating general information is okay but asking many questions or requesting long conversations might cost you more than the price of online tutoring services .

5. Time commitment & Frequency

After you have selected a tutor, make sure that you both agree on the number of sessions and the length of each session (usually it takes around 2 hours to cover certain topics). Also, try to find out how many students this person is currently teaching because one-to-one tutoring is very effective but if there are too many students in one group, then they might not be able to communicate personally with everyone which means your progress will be slower. If you decide to select an online tutor for free , remember that usually they have many people waiting in line so don't expect high quality service even though some less popular websites do work hard on maintaining good reputation.

6. Communicating with other students

You might be thinking, why should I communicate? Well, there are many benefits of communicating with your classmates and one of them is that you can ask about their experience with the online tutor they are studying with. This way, you will know what to expect from him/her because every person has its own unique style of teaching . You can also find out if the tutor's knowledge matches your specific requirements or study goals because some people might only need general tutoring that doesn't focus on certain topics while others might want to learn more complex things so make sure to ask for details before selecting an online teacher. Also, talking with other students about your homework problems can help you solve them much faster than working alone and if you have too much free time, you can challenge other students to solve certain problems faster than you. Keep in mind that although this might be fun , it's also very time consuming !

7. Re-assess your needs regularly

This advice is simple but very important because as time passes by, requirements and study goals change as well as the tutor's style of teaching which means either student should consider changing online teachers or work harder on becoming more independent and self - driven . If after a few sessions with an online teacher, you still don't feel like things are going better than before , then it might be time to move on and find someone new who can meet your specific learning needs. Also, make sure to check how much time you spend with each session because if it's too much, then you are probably not learning fast enough .

8. Keep in mind that you are paying for quality homework help

This might be the most important piece of advice on this entire article because trust me, there are many homework help answers websites available all over Internet but very few of them offer good one-to-one tutoring services that provide real value . It's recommended to stay away from deals or offers that seem too good to be true because usually they are scams who want your money only and nothing more. Also, keep in mind that online tutoring is not free , no matter what people advertise! You have to pay something whether it's 3$ per hour or 20$ per hour, it's still money you are investing so before selecting a tutor, find out how many of his/her students are satisfied with the quality of service they have received.

You can become the best tutor there is

You can become the best tutor there is

Tips on becoming an online tutor yourself

If you want to become an online teacher or if you are already one, there are few things I can recommend for you to do in order to increase your chances of success!

I would recommend creating a website or blog as discussed below. Remember you can always talk to an author website design services to help you.

First of all, describe clearly on your website what kind of services you offer and what kind of students would benefit most from working with you. Also, make sure that everything on your page is simple and easy-to-use because nobody wants to visit a website which is badly designed . Next thing is to give potential students basic information about you, including your rates and some proof that you are indeed an experienced teacher in the specific field they want to learn in . Also, if you have successfully completed previous teaching projects with other students before, show multiple reviews from them on your page !

Instead of just listing the prices for every service separately, give potential clients a chance to pick between different types of services or packages. This way it would be easier for them to choose what they are interested in without being forced to choose among many options they don't really care about.

As I already mentioned earlier, make sure that everything on your website is simple and easy-to-understand because nobody wants complicated procedures when buying something online. Make sure each is clear and understandable and try avoiding any complicated terms. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid overcrowding your page with too many colors ( this can be distracting ), but use different background colours for highlighting certain sections on the page!

Try using descriptive titles and subtitles on your website, because this way it will be more attractive to potential students. You should also make sure not to overuse capital letters since this might confuse some people , who wouldn't even bother reading your (long) description because they would think it's just written like that for no reason.

If you want to give customers an idea what kind of teacher you are, then consider adding videos or photos of yourself into your about me section on the website. This way they could get a better idea how you look like in real life and this can influence them to take the decision in your favor.

Another good thing you could do is to list different subjects that you are willing to teach . For example, if you are an online english tutor, then provide your potential clients with a price list for writing essays (in any kind of style), proofreading essays written by others, creating college or university applications or even doing business translations. If you offer more services than just one , make sure to list all the things that they could be interested in at once!

If you want something really unique about your website, try adding photos of handwritten letters made by previous students using their newly acquired knowledge because nobody wants to work with teachers who don't their stuff . You can even add their full name and location to make the letter more authentic and personal, this way it would be easier for other people to trust you.

When someone is visiting your page, make sure to provide them with relevant information that they were looking for because nobody likes wasting time on useless stuff. Also, remember that potential customers will rarely visit your website several times (and maybe never again) so try keeping everything simple and short , but still informative enough to answer all possible questions about your services.

Feedback: Another thing you could do is creating a feedback section in which you ask previous customers if they have any advice for new students. This way, you could keep improving your website according to the things others have suggested!

I hope these tips were useful to create a good author website without having to consult any agency and I wish you best of luck with your online tutoring business!