R. D Sharma – The book that made me pass my class 10th.
If you’re a high schooler studying in 8 th ,9 th or 10 th , you definitely know R.D. Sharma’s books for your math queries.

R.D. Sharma is a cult favourite of both teachers and students for many justified reasons. Even when I was in class 10 th , I treated my math R.D. Sharma as a bible and I wasn’t a very bright student in math, yet, because of the book I managed to score well in my boards.

  1. One of the many reasons why I has to pick R.D. Sharma was because of the limited questions and examples in NCERT textbooks. Yes definitely NCERT textbooks are supposed to be the whole and soul of your preparation, I highly felt that preparing just from the NCERTS was not enough. R.D. Sharma has a plethora of sums solved inorder to help us learn math better. It also covers all the NCERT questions as well so we can completely rely on R.D. Sharma books for the boards as well.
  2. Students need for prepare from various guides and other books when you already have R.D. Sharma. R.D. Sharma book is a consolidation of many other good books thus you need not rely on other guides and carry multiple books. You can bet all your money on just R.D. Sharma.
  3. The way the concepts are presented in R.D. Sharma is excellent. Each topic is presented in a very concise yet aptly serves its purpose. Explanations are not dragged and to the point and perfectly do the job explaining you the topic. The illustrations and graphics present in the book are exceptional.
  4. R.D. Sharma book has enough questions for you to practice until you gain mastery in it. It will serve you well for the entire academic year until your boards and help you gain a lot of grip over a topic.
  5. Apart from school exams, there are a lot of other exams that students would like to appear in such as NTSE and Olympiads. When appearing for these extra-curricular exams, NCERT knowledge is not sufficient and that’s when R.D. Sharma comes to your rescue. It helps you in gaining a well-rounded perspective so that you are able to answer any Olympiad questions too in a jiffy.

The bottom line is, you can definitely bet your money on R.D. Sharma for your learning endeavours. It explains everything in detail. If you’re not a big fan books and you want to understand your mathematic concepts well through the internet, I highly recommend you to checkout With digital teacher you can learn toughest of the toughest concepts very easily without much hassle. Digital teacher provides you with every detail that you should be aware of and will increase your conceptual clarity.