How To Build A Real Estate Website And How Much It Will Cost
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The coronavirus epidemic has altered how we shop and make judgments about what to buy. Customers today are spending less and being more selective when making purchases. But what impact is the epidemic having on the real estate sector?


A professionally designed real estate website made by a website development agency india could be a top-selling tool these days, especially when we take into account that, according to the National Association of Realtors, 52% of purchasers begin their search online for the greatest offers.


Because of this, many web development agency India made the decision to create a real estate website and take advantage of the shifts in homebuyers' habits for your advantage.


Types of websites for real estate

You should choose between the following two basic categories when creating a real estate website:


Platforms for real estate brokers, businesses, and purchasers. These websites let real estate brokers and individual sellers post ads and list homes. They impose listing fees or transaction commissions to generate revenue.


Private real estate portals for firms and brokers. These websites are built for a particular real estate firm or a private agent and are heavily branded. They can further be divided into


Individual webpages (for real estate agents who use a personal brand)


Website niches (focused on selling a specific type of property)


Group websites (developed for a team of agents).


Primary attributes a real estate website should have


Let's think about the attributes required to create a world-class real estate website in 2020. The needed characteristics will be a distinct set.


For businesses

  • Edit, add, or remove the property descriptions

  • Add places and images

  • Analysing devices

  • Lead capture form

  • Blog functionality

  • The MLS listing.           


For those looking to purchase a house 

  • A sophisticated search with several filters

  • Property listings with maps

  • Picture library (carousel, slideshow)

  • The map

  • Contrasted list

  • Visitor scheduling button

  • Chat immediately

  • Social media promotion and reviews


Supplementary tools

As part of the MVP, you don't need to create any more tools. However, the qualities listed below will significantly help with a positive UX and closing business as per the top web development companies in Delhi.


Calculator for mortgages. If Millennials are your target market, you will find this function to be extremely helpful. Millennials often choose to rent. A mortgage calculator, however, can demonstrate that they won't spend more to purchase a home than they do to rent one now.


360-degree movies Videos in 3D and 360 degrees are excellent for when people are socially distant. Users may utilise them to gain a thorough idea of a property and determine if it's worthwhile to visit in person.


Engine for recommendations. Recommendation engines are effective tools for increasing sales and giving potential customers more alternatives.


Design problems

You should also be aware of a few real estate design difficulties.


Speed. Less than five seconds should pass before your website loads. However, a project with a complicated architecture and a lot of content may find this difficult, therefore you'll need to work with your software development company to find a solution.


Navigation and usability. Users act differently when choosing to buy a home or an apartment than they do when making regular purchases. Homebuyers are about to make a significant investment, therefore your website should function flawlessly, have simple navigation to ease the buyers' trip, and have an effective sales funnel.


Colors. Your real estate web site's colour scheme should exude confidence, dependability, stability, and authenticity. According to marketing psychology, the colours white, blue, green, and orange are wise selections.


Phases of a real estate website's creation

The following areas of development should be followed by any real estate startup, from coming up with a concept to going to market and succeeding.


Research phase. You must do a thorough analysis of the company, identify prospective income streams, clarify the issue at hand and offer a solution, as well as examine user personas and story maps.


Stage of idea validation. At this point, you need to do market and competition research to validate your concept. Methodologies for economic analysis, surveys, and testing of medium-fidelity prototypes are used to accomplish this.


UX planning phase. It is now feasible to develop high-fidelity prototypes of your real estate solution and address navigational problems in accordance with the user stories that were previously mapped.


Stage of design and development. The real product is developed during this phase. Sprints and substages are used to explicitly outline the development process and the design workflow.


What is the price of creating a real estate website?

All online projects go through the same development stages, although the feature set and cost will always vary.


However, it could cost more if you want a professionally developed website that can generate leads, is ready for SEO advertising and appeals to your consumers.


According to our experience, the cost of a bespoke real estate website may range from $45,000 to $66,150 for real estate projects with intricate architectures and extensive feature sets.



The coronavirus pandemic's effects on the world economy shouldn't hinder the growth of real estate startups. People still require someplace to dwell and to be discovered.


You will have a good opportunity to grow and scale your project if you use strategic thinking, thorough research, and partnership with a reputable software development vendor.

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