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IETM: Interactive Electronic Technical Manual is your PDF file i.e. user handbook, technical manual only. It is called Level -1 IETM.


Interactive Electronic Technical Manual is your PDF file i.e. user handbook, technical manual only. It is called Level -1 IETM.

IETM is one of the mandatory deliverables (DVD) along with any equipment to be supplied to Indian Defence. JSG is an agency that defines standards for every defense deliverable. JSG 0852:2015 is standard to prepare IETM documentation.

(If you have heard about JSS 0251, it is the standard defined to design your UHBs or technical manuals. JSS describes the layout of the document. I.e. Front page design, table of content design, header and footer, index, a record of amendment sheet, the structure of the content/document,etc are defined in JSS. Similarly,JSG 0852 is for IETM documentation.)

Level 2: (IETM)

IETM is having cross-references to one section of PDF to another section cross reference using hyperlinks is Level -2

In Level 3, all your manuals will be converted into to HTML pages and arranged in a linear structure in the form a of Table of content, tree as per the original manual.

Sections and sub-sections will be maintained as it is like in the original UHB. Hyperlinks. Next, the Previous buttons, search in page, manuals tab, and drawings tab will be available in Level -3.

Level -4 is more advanced than Level -3. All the manuals are converted into a database. IETM viewer is a web application/ software to view this IETM Level -4. Using IETM Viewer software, the database will be accessed and viewed.

Features of IETM LEVEL 4:

IETM 4 has powerful features like Search, Advanced search, Module wise search filter, Related topics, Sequential next and previous, history, Dynamic Login, Glossary, keywords, annotations, bookmark, full screen, Hot spots (text, image, Video), hyperlinks, user dashboard, user history tracking, and many more features.

Levels Usage in Interactive Electronic Technical Manual

Like PDF and MS word, this is not any document so that you can see a sample of 10 pages, etc. Names indicate technical manual but it is not any single file so that you can see a sample.

If you see the software once, you will get 100 % clarity about IETM. If you want to see the sample please contact us at: 9849527706 and we will arrange a quick demo or software walkthrough of live projectsso that you get a fullunderstanding of the architecture of IETM

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