Which Metaverse Crypto Token is Best?
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Since the company Facebook changed to the name of Meta, the entire ecosystem of metaverses began to become popular at a shocking rate, as well as the metaverse cryptocurrencies . As a result, many metaverse cryptocurrencies have grown that make it possible to invest in this new industry in a practical and profitable way. In the following guide, we will review the main metaverse cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023 and thus earn money with these virtual worlds that seem to have come to stay.


Best metaverse cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023

Meta Masters Guild – the number one metaverse cryptocurrency in 2023


Meta Master Guild is the number one cryptocurrency in the metaverse to invest in right now. Among the reasons, it has just launched its beta pre-sale, already raising more than $70,000 in a few days, and it is at its lowest price ever, for only 0.007 USDT per MEMAG token. If you want to consider this investment, check out our how to buy Meta Masters Guild guide .


The MEMAG token occupies the center of the games of this community, which are of the Play to Earn type and also for mobile devices. MEMAG’s idea is to move the community from a P2E model to a Play & Earn model, that is, play and win, making both aspects compatible for greater entertainment and satisfaction. Currently, Meta Masters Guild has its whitepaper where it indicates that the games to be developed will be decentralized and anchored in the blockchain.



Meta Masters Guild’s GameFi platform has it all: metaverse, NFTs, virtual games of various kinds (from metaverse to combat or racing), a DAO governance token and staking possibilities. Thus, the Metaverse Integration Service options for players and developers to share a community and earn rewards are multiple and diverse.


FightOut: The Best Metaverse Cryptocurrency for 2023

The FightOut ecosystem seeks to become one of the best projects in the Metaverse for the next few years. Its development team has focused on creating a proposal that exploits the Fitness niche and incorporates the Play to Earn mechanic. The latter seeks to promote a healthier lifestyle and payment with cryptocurrencies for meeting challenges within its platform.


Its $FGHT utility token is on pre-sale and has already managed to break the $2 million barrier and all in less than a week. This only shows the great support it has received from the crypto community and that this token may become one of the next to explode its x100 price once it goes public.


For its own Metaverse, FightOut will make available to the participants a web platform and mobile applications that will be in charge of measuring the evolution of each player. From here you can access personalized training plans, fitness monitoring and exercise routines created by qualified professionals.


In parallel, each participant will have their own avatar that will acquire new abilities as they successfully complete the challenges proposed by the platform. But that’s not all, FightOut will also have its own gyms in the most important cities in the world with multiple benefits for early investors.


RobotEra: best metaverse cryptocurrency in pre-sale since November 2022

RobotEra is a new cryptocurrency from the metaverse that incorporates elements of world building and NFTs. TARO, the native cryptocurrency, is an ERC-20 token currently available for pre-sale purchase. Following in the footsteps of popular metaverse games like The Sandbox and Decentraland, RobotEra features a complete virtual game environment where NFT land can be purchased and developed for resources.


Apart from virtual real estate, the other main NFTs on this platform are robots, which represent the avatar of the player. RobotEra will create a limited edition of 10,000 robots, belonging to 7 unique categories. As we can see, RobotEra has great potential to become one of the best cryptocurrencies in the metaverse this year.


Tamadoge (TAMA): the new meme coin with functionality in the metaverse

Tamadoge is the revolutionary new meme coin, intending to combine the mass appeal of meme coins and the utility of crypto projects and the metaverse, it is taking over the meme coin segment quite effectively.


This project is still in the pre-sale phase, and its success is drawing the attention of a large number of investors around the world. In addition to being properly audited, this cryptocurrency has revolutionary features for a meme coin, so it will probably become a project with a great future.


Battle Infinity: The Best Fantasy Sports Metaverse Cryptocurrency

The IBAT Battle Infinity crypto token is shaping up to be India’s future Polygon. The Metaverse token Development Service has turned heads with a whopping $250,000 raised just 120 hours after its pre-sale launch. With 10 billion coins in circulation, only 28% of the total was offered during its pre-sale.


The increase in demand appears to have quickly outpaced the competitor, Axie Infinity. What’s more, the pre-sale sold out ahead of time and that is why the project developers began working on the other phases of their roadmap.

Decentraland: The best metaverse cryptocurrency to buy in 2023

Decentraland is an ambitious project focused on creating an extremely large metaverse . In it, people can have a “second life”, which is why digital land that is bought with cryptocurrencies is traded.


When the land is acquired, attractive buildings can be built to later be sold as NFT in Decentraland’ s own store.

Because it is one of the first projects of its kind and because it has a large community behind it, specialists believe that its token could have potential in the medium and long term.


The Sandbox: The second best cryptocurrency in the metaverse to buy today

Another of the best metaverse cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023 is Sandbox, which is closely linked to the innovative field of metaverses. The project itself is a video game in which users can create their own character to compete and carry out missions, in exchange for cryptocurrency.