What are the types of artificial intelligence that exist?
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What are the types of artificial intelligence that exist?
Artificial intelligence (also known by its acronym, AI) is something as simple, but at the same time as complex, as talking about intelligent machines. Although the essence goes much further, since there are more and more types of artificial intelligence.

The origin of Artificial Intelligence
The origin of what we know today as artificial intelligence dates back to the 1930s, when its considered father, Alan Turing, began to work on it. Already in the 50s, he himself launched the question “Can machines think?” to the world, through an article published in Mind magazine . Metaverse development company Alan Turing was one of the forerunners of AI, followed by John McCarty, Marvin Misky and Claude Shannon, who began to develop it in the middle of the last century.

There have been many advances to reach the current situation, developing skills and abilities that were practically unthinkable at the beginning. The last 25–30 years have been a real revolution in terms of types of artificial intelligence, with the expansion of technology at all levels and the widespread use of the Internet.

What we all know as artificial intelligence, and even manage in our day to day, with machines or devices programmed to perform certain tasks without the need for human intervention. This occurs thanks to the use of neural networks , which are the mainstay of artificial intelligence. A clear example that we all use on a daily basis is email. Thanks to AI programming, the mail server we have is capable of identifying incoming SPAM emails and taking them directly to the corresponding folder. It is a simple action for us, which we have perfectly internalized and assumed, but which is possible thanks to the use of one of the types of artificial intelligence.

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What are the types of artificial intelligence that exist?
Artificial intelligence is a world in constant evolution that every year surprises us with shocking news. Currently, the types of artificial intelligence are usually grouped into 4 categories .

machine learning
Machine learning is one of the types of artificial intelligence to which we are most accustomed, especially at the level of series or movies. It is based on the ability of a software or device to learn on its own. Machine learning follows three fundamental steps, like any other method: learning, training, and results.

It can be supervised by a person or done autonomously thanks to the AI ​​itself, which operates according to the rules designed by the programmer.

We see this type of AI in virtual assistants or in video games, among other places.

deep learning
Deep learning is a type of learning that goes beyond machine learning, since it encompasses and processes more data and information at the same time. It uses another type of artificial intelligence, neural networks, to navigate a greater volume of information. It is closely linked with another of the terms of the moment, Big Data .

This type of AI is used, for example, for facial recognition or for automatic text translations, among many other uses (and more and more).

neural networks
Neural networks, as the name suggests, is a type of AI that tries to imitate the behavior of neurons . From a network of artificial neurons, a system of metaverse development services created through which they receive and process data. Artificial Neural Networks (RNA) are made up of millions of artificial neurons working in a coordinated manner, with the capacity to operate with learning actions.

This type of AI is very useful for activities such as image and text recognition or for controlling robots, one of the greatest exponents of artificial intelligence.

Expert system
The expert system works from a rational logic that tries to imitate a human with mastery of a specific subject.

This type of AI can be found, for example, in the automatic chats that many customer service services already have implemented. They are used in many customer-facing settings .

Artificial Intelligence is a reality far beyond the science fiction movies we could see when we were children. It is an advance in technology that is not only here to stay, but is already part of our lives and is constantly evolving. During the pandemic that has plagued the world since the beginning of 2020, we have been able to verify its effectiveness and versatility, thanks to Big Data. Both have become essential tools at all levels, with important and useful applications in the world of health.