Why EIP3664 is the Future of NFT Token Development?
Here you can know about the perks of using EIP3664 for NFT Token development

With improving craze for NFTs, a renowned Blockchain company named DRepublic has introduced a new NFT token standard namely EIP-3664. This unique standard comes with several notable improvements in the features and functionalities in NFT standards. Now let us explore in detail about such improved functionalities of NFTs created on EIP-3664.


What Is EIP-3664 NFT Token?


EIP-3664 is newly launched NFT token standard that provides some advanced-level features and functionalities to the Non-Fungible Tokens. The NFT tokens created using this standard can be combined, modified or even partitioned to perform several types of required operations.


What Is So Special About EIP-3664?


However, the development of EIP3664, another NFT improvement protocol, appears to be promising. DRepublic, a blockchain games developer, plans to use it to create EIP-3664 NFT tokens. This new token will be used as a new type of NFT in their upcoming game Cradles: Origin of Species, with a significantly larger attribute range than existing NFTs, allowing it to combine both fungible and non-fungible token features. EIP-3664 tokens representing characters, items, and even game features would be required in a universe where players, things, and landscapes are always evolving.


Purpose of EIP-3664 NFT Created?


Previously, the ERC721 and ERC1155 token standards were thought to be the finest Non-Fungible token standards. Because of its expanded features and functions, the EIP-3664 has now surpassed the previous best NFT standards. Due to its disassembly and assembly features, the EIP-3664 NFT offers unlimited possibilities and supports any combination of NFTs. It also allows customers to develop an unlimited number of different goods with no duplication. These factors demonstrate why it is preferable to develop EIP-3664 NFT.


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