Top 7 Elements of Ecommerce Website Design
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The sales from the E-Commerce sector account for a lot more than just 3 trillion USD, this specified figure is expected to go a lot higher to about 4.5 trillion USD. The sales own a very large market share, since a lot of people can always be found getting intimate with their smartphones, no business owner or any marketer can completely exclude the commerce event.


The team needs a consistent online presence other than what they are actually selling. The best and the ideal means to achieve it is by accessing an e-commerce portal that can be accessed continuously. The design structure and current layout of your ecommerce store can have a major impact on the sales ratio. Usability is very necessary for this situation. If several customers can’t easily find the various products they are in search of, there is a very little chance they will dig through your site for a long time when they are able to find them somewhere else with an easy and comfortable Google search.


It is just not about making your customers press that “Add to Cart” button. Your ecommerce site must provide the right information at each and every stage of a customer’s buyer journey, assisting them to make well-informed decisions in their research, interest, and various validation phases. If you are someone who is trying to upgrade your eCommerce portal to the current trends or just coming across this domain for the very first time, the below-mentioned tips would provide you the confidence to give an edge to your competitors and meet the requirements of your customers. We are a provider of the website development agency india.


7 Elements of Ecommerce Website Design


  • Mobile-friendly Design

In the USA over a large period of time, the optimum rate of smartphone users has significantly increased from a figure of 20% in the year 2010 to a humongous 69% in the year 2017. Additionally, this figure is assumed to rise to 80% by 2022. None of the business owners can completely avoid this method. It is prime time that you boost your e-commerce store to a mobile-friendly version, thus enabling such a large population to shop from your online platform. 


  • Security and Speed

It just does not matter how attractive your website looks like or how much effort and time you have to put in setting up your own channel if the website takes a considerably longer time to load, there are very high chances that the users will avoid using that website. In the process to make the website load faster, perform a speed test with any website loading speed checker. For security purposes, consider obtaining the VPN services.


  • Increased Video Content

Video content is always in demand and this phenomenon is nothing new. The popularity of video content came into the picture with the inception of YouTube. How about using tricks videos for your own e-commerce website? How about illustrating the items by availing professionally shot video clips that can be displayed in a far more great manner?


  • Branding and Personalization

A high-quality web design begins with several branding features. The more customized an e-commerce portal is, the more communicative and influencing it might feel to your consumers. Branding is noteworthy as it might help you to maintain the identity of your company, thereby generating it straightforward for the consumers to recognize you and identify your brand.


  • Microinteractions

They have the power to force web users to actually convey. They are influential instruments that support to development of habit hitches. Including Microinteractions in one’s eCommerce platform can be done by supplying the clients with rewards such as an item contained in their cart or simple newsletter registration. Contact us for the best web development agency India


  • Voice-activated User Actions

A reasonable deal for individuals already makes great use of voice-activated movements when they speak to Amazon’s Alexa, Cortana, or Siri. They are accustomed to expressing themselves with their gadgets using vocal orders. Going by this method, we can expect this trend to take over the e-commerce setting. Maybe voice-activated online websites won’t be there, however, in 2022, this is indeed a trend to look forward to.


  • Sticky Navigation Bar

This feature will continue in being a key highlight this year. The online users guide through myriad categories and pages and scroll down to search through more items. Keep them connected to the site and make the search process smoother an incident by allowing them to gain entry to the navigation menus whenever they occur on the website.



With all of these features, you should experiment and repeat–– don’t just take our word for it. Test various different ecommerce design components to guarantee you are getting the most from your ecommerce website. Every business is diverse and it is feasible you will struggle with new best practices during your A/B testing. Contact us for the web development services delhi


A/B or multivariate testing is a feasible and compelling path to truly know what works for your website, and what your consumers want to see. An ecommerce site is never truly complete. The goal should be to always be purifying the path for the user to get the notification they demand and complete their work perfectly. 


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