How To Launch A VR Platform Like Decentraland?
Here you can know how to launch your own VR platform like Decentraland

Overview Of Decentraland


Decentraland is a type of Ethereum-based virtual reality platform, It allows the users to create, explore and trade in the virtual world owned by its users. It was run on the Ethereum blockchain, by using this blockchain platform users can store their information and maintain ownership records, and each transaction in Decentraland can be verified through an Ethereum smart contract. Decentraland has two different types of governance operations, they are:





Use cases Of Decentralized


Here are some of the major use cases of Decentralized


1) Digital Collectibles

2) Application Development

3) Social Gaming

4) Advertising

5) Education

6) Virtual Tourism

7) Dynamic 3D Content Creation


How To Launch Your Own Virtual Platform Like Decentraland?


If you are planning to launch your own virtual gaming platform like Decentraland, then get in touch with Developcoins. As a leading Play to earn game development company, we offer the best ready-made Decentraland Clone script to help you build Virtual NFT Marketplace like Decentraland


How Does Our Decentraland Clone Work?


Decentraland clone Script will work the same as Decentraland and it has two types of views such as Traders View and Creators View. This protocol can consist of three layers namely the First, Second, and Third layers. Each layer has separate functions.

To know more in detail about these functions of each layer, checkout the blog about Decentraland Clone. There you would get to know several intriguing facts.