How Does the Concept of Cloud Telephony Work?
A PBX, a conventional business telephone system, is used to route calls. In a typical cloud telephony setup, a PBX system is housed in a data center. Some of the most useful technologies are call recording, interactive voice response, consolidated reporting, number masking, etc.

Meaning of Cloud Telephony

Our company uses a PBX, which is a traditional business telephone system, to route calls. Typically, a PBX system is housed in a data center as part of a cloud telephony package. For businesses, this implies that their PBX is no longer housed on-site but rather operates on the cloud. Calls coming in or going out may both be handled by cloud telephony solutions. The primary function of a telephone in India, however, is to receive calls. Cloud servers handle all incoming and outgoing calls. The most advanced capabilities, like interactive voice response and call recording, are now accessible to the masses without the need to purchase pricey hardware. Call Recording, Interactive Voice Response, Consolidated reporting, Number masking, etc. are some of the most valuable features of Cloud Telephony services.

The Cloud Telephony Process: How Does It Function?

When using cloud telephony, a VoIP provider is required. Your phone call will be routed based on the number you dial, but that is something your service provider will take care of. Using your existing internet connection, it digitizes your voice and sends it along as data packets. In this way, your phone call will be connected to the other party.

You, the user, would switch to a VoIP desk phone instead of using an extension phone. To save the cost and inconvenience of a landline, you may just plug your phone into your WiFi instead. The usage of a softphone, an app on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, is another option. Regardless of the method, you select to make the call, you'll be doing it from a sleek, user-friendly interface.

When it comes to managing your company's phone system, cloud telephony service makes it easy to do so from a web-based dashboard. This includes settings for everything from phone numbers and calls forwarding to user management.

Cloud Telephony Benefits

How does your business's phone system fail? Our study on corporate communication says a lot, and things may become worse. 83% of firms cited poor communication in 2019 for lost clients, deadlines, or staff.

That's anticipated. Our ever-changing company requires technology. If you want to prevent losing clients, staff, or your sanity due to a communication failure, consider cloud telephony.

Powerful calling

We don't mean superficial qualities. You can enhance efficiency and productivity using cloud telephony's powerful calling features. Eliminating repetitive, time-consuming procedures improves cooperation and customer service.

Cloud telephony's call management features include:

  • Auto-attendants connect calls to the right department.

  • User-set criteria redirect calls.

  • Interactive Voice Response allows for more natural, conversational automated customer service (IVR).

  • Call forwarding routes incoming calls to a landline or mobile device.

  • Effective virtual conferences utilize video conferencing and screen sharing.

  • Toll-free numbers enable landline callers to reach you without toll costs.

  • Create a local presence in any city using area codes.

  • Call recording ensures good service standards.

Voice and video quality will be HD. Distributed teams have several benefits. Bad audio on a conference call is terrible.

Easy to use

Cloud telephony solutions don't need hardware. You can establish your firm in days, if not hours, with this advantage.

You won't have to hire a full-time employee or schedule a specialist to set up your new phone system. Your cloud telephony service provider can handle anything. After joining up, you'll have virtual phone numbers and a control panel to manage the phone system.

Durability and reliability are unmatched

Can you disregard customers? How have you prepared for a power outage? Inadequate wiring, overheating, or a moderate storm might damage communications and trustworthiness.

Trustworthy cloud telephony solutions provide 99.99% availability, enabling you to keep working in a crisis. Built-in redundancy ensures that your calls will go through even if jitter or another issue arises.

Your phone system's scalability

Cloud telephony solutions won't interrupt expansion communications. VoIP makes adding additional users simple with a mouse click.

Adding a new employee to your PBX system and providing them with a phone line costs extra. Wiring their desk phone may take time. Physical phone infrastructure makes growth slower and more expensive.

Cloud-based PBX solutions are easy to expand and manage. No technical skills are needed. You may rapidly add or remove lines if your call volume surges. Maintaining a consistent client experience is easier with an adaptable system.

Improved communication streamlines procedures

With cloud computing and communications, you can centralize all your data.

Using various systems for calls and meetings causes notes and crucial information to be scattered. Notebooks, Post-It notes, spreadsheets, and more. Searching for previous trades might slow everyone down.

All cloud telephony functions are available from one dashboard. This platform enables collaboration, customer interactions, data analysis, client feedback, and project advancement.

Centralizing corporate interactions around a credible data source can simplify your workday. Fewer interruptions and less time spent hunting for needed information.

Reduce firm phone infrastructure costs.

Using cloud telephony services saves money. You may save 65% on phone bills. Cloud telephony eliminates expensive and time-consuming maintenance contracts, limited calling minutes, restricted local and toll-free phone lines, and a separate corporate SMS service.

Cloud telephony eliminates unexpected costs. If you're bootstrapping, you may use softphone software and headsets with your laptop instead of VoIP phones.


Long-term, more companies implement remote work practices. Hosted phone systems may help with this trend. Your employees may use the corporate phone system from anywhere with internet connectivity. They may check voicemail and arrange call forwarding while out and about. Telephony in the cloud is fantastic for firms with remote and flexible staff.

Wrapping It Up

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