Decentraland Clone Script - Bitdeal
Decentraland Clone Script to start a Metaverse NFT Platform like Decentraland.

Decentraland Clone Script is the white label NFT marketplace script that promotes a fantastic virtual world experience to users just like decentraland. It’s a kind of custom source code that enables Cryptopreneurs to build a Virtual Metaverse NFT platform on any kind of blockchain with specific features and functionalities where one can create scenes, trade lands, names, avatars, etc. 

Blockchain-based smart contracts act as a power source to create an ecosystem where the ownership of lands is authorized with NFTs and that can be traded later.

Specifications of Bitdeal Decentraland Clone Script

Script Type: NFT Marketplace Script

Blockchain Technology: Ethereum (Customizable)

Updated Version: 1.0

Tokens: LAND (customizable)

Integrated APIs: All the prime APIs Integrated 

Decentraland Clone Script Features

Decentralized Platform

3D Experience

P2P Interactions

DAO Ledger

Metaverse compliant infra

Advanced SDK to create lands

Encrypted Data Protection

Multi-layer security protection

Integrated Cryptocurrency Wallet

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

KYC and AML protection

Two-factor authentication

Decentraland Clone Script Use Cases

3D Scenes Creation

Content Curation



Social Interactions