Explore How Gojek Clone App Works And Its Benefits
Launch a Gojek Clone App that offers 101+ on-demand services to your customers along with a plethora of benefits. Read the blog to find out more about it.

The Gojek Clone app is an on-demand platform where its users can explore booking an entire feast of services. Of course, all these services are available on demand. That is, if the customer wants to book a ride, the taxi will arrive at their doorsteps in a minute. Or, if they want to hire an expert car washer, they can hire the nearest five-star rated professional in a single click! 

That’s how interesting and convenient it is to book a service on the Gojek Clone app. To better explain how this app works and benefits your customers, let’s get into the details without any further ado!

The Workflow 

The user app integrates a gazillion different features and services that allow people to get anything they want, anytime and anywhere. 


From scheduling a spa appointment to booking an ambulance in emergencies and hiring a babysitter, every service comes with the convenience of a single tap! 


These are the steps a user needs to take in order to book a service on the Gojek Clone app.

1. Search and book

A user, for example, needs to order medicines online. To book the service, they first need to search for the medicine on the app or go to the pharmacy option and look for the nearest store. 


Then, they can browse through the entire list of items and add to their cart all the medicines that they want. To confirm the booking, the customer needs to enter the address where they want to get the medicines delivered and choose their preferred payment method.


2. The store accepts the order and starts packing

After the customer places the order, the store will confirm the order and start packing all the items. Simultaneously, the customer gets the notification of ‘order accepted’ confirmation on their Gojek Clone app.

3. The assigned delivery driver picks up the order

As the user has opted for medicine delivery, the system assigns a delivery driver for the particular order. All the delivery drivers near the store are sent a request. Once a driver accepts the request, they are routed to pick up the order from the pharmacy. 


The customer can see the delivery status and also track the delivery driver in real-time on the map!


4. The driver arrives and delivers the medicines


Finally, the delivery driver arrives at the customer’s location and hands over the parcel to them. After which, the user can see the ‘order completed’ status on their app and provide their honest ratings & review!

Benefits of the Gojek Clone app

All these below-mentioned benefits are from the perspective of the app user. Take a look -

Quick delivery 

When ordering or booking a service on the application, customers can always expect a quick delivery. 


And even if the customer has chosen a service or delivery from a far-away location, they can still see the estimated delivery time! 

One-click order placement

The customer only needs to click on the ‘BOOK NOW’ button on the application if they want instant service. On the other hand, if they want to schedule the delivery, they can click on ‘BOOK LATER’ and select their desired delivery time & date! 

All services in one 

Customers can get 101+ on-demand services in a single application! Therefore, they don’t need to download, install, or register on different apps to book these services.  

Tracking and review 

Customers can easily track the live location of the delivery driver or hired service provider on the map, in-built into the  Gojek Clone app. 


And, after the job is done, they can review & rate the service as well.



Final Words: 


If you want to launch an application that has Gojek-like services and features, there is no better option than purchasing a pre-built solution. 


The ready-made Gojek Clone app is affordable, quick to launch, and can easily help you become a millionaire in no time! 


So, get the app today!