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Software Development is a catch-all term for the work that goes into building a website. It includes everything from markup and coding to scripting network configuration and CMS development.

Because of the rapidly increasing number of internet users, it is no surprise that software development is a rapidly spreading industry. The employment of software developers grows by 13%, much faster than other technology careers.

Software Development is a catch-all term for the work that goes into building a website. It includes everything from markup and coding to scripting network configuration and CMS development.

Because of the rapidly increasing number of internet users, it is no surprise that software development is a rapidly spreading industry. The employment of software developers grows by 13%, much faster than other technology careers.

Aiprog AI is a leading best software development company in Lucknow that develops high-quality websites with clean codes on all popular platforms. We are a team of highly skilled and expert software developers in Lucknow.

By choosing us as your best software development company in Lucknow, you can be assured about the software quality and digital marketing services to increase your business quickly.

We offer mobile-friendly website designing and development and SEO services at the lowest cost.

Want to increase your sales, long-term clients, and new opportunities? Get all your desires fulfilled by the software development and designing team of Aiprog Pvt. Ltd.

Software Development Services Offered By AIPROG

Aiprog can assist you in transforming your business with the latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

Software development services help create all types of web-based software and ensure the best experience for web users. At Aiprog, we professionally design, redesign, and continuously support customers and enterprise web apps to achieve high conversion and adoption rates.

AI-Enabled App

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology — Best AI Services — Software Development In Hyderabad

AI Apps are trending globally, and Aiprog AI is a collection of services with prebuilt machine learning models that make it easier for developers to apply AI to applications and business operations. The model can be custom trained for more accurate business results. Teams with an organization can reuse the models, datasets, and data labels across services. Aiprog AI developers to add machine learning apps without slowing down application development.


APIs & Micro Services | AIPROG AI –Best AI Software Company in Hyderabad & Lucknow

Aiprog gives your business modular, lightweight, and comprehensive API management solutions that are open source, built on open standards, and available on-premise or in the cloud. Aiprog helps your team connect everything, apps to data, a legacy to new, even as you grow.

Our team can extend the functionality of your application via new and existing third-party systems. Our professional developer will integrate API according to your requirement to enrich and enhance your services creatively. API mechanisms enable two components to communicate using a set of definitions and protocols.

E-Commerce (AICommerce — Best E-Commerce Solution)

AICommerce — Best e-commerce solution to boost sales with AI sales optimization tools

Running an e-commerce store is easier than ever. We help build and optimize your advertising and marketing efforts to scale your operations while generating roars.

E-Commerce services cover all technology-related needs of an e-commerce business. Aiprog is an e-commerce service provider team of savvy business consultants and pro-coders to help our e-commerce clients with diverse challenges and business goals.


AI ERP- Best AI Services — Software Development In Hyderabad

Transform your business into an intelligent enterprise with technology solutions from Aiprog Pvt. Ltd.

Leverage ready-to-use solutions and connect them with ERP systems to ensure zero business workflow interruptions and optimize customer service by designing, developing, and implementing extensions and plugins to connect your custom ERP solutions.


CRM — Best CRM Software. Best AI Products with AI Sales optimization tools

We assist you with your marketing automation strategy, the best solution, selection, implementation, training, CRM integration, MA multichannel campaign setup, lead management scoring and nurturing, reporting, and analytics.

CRM helps you generate sales, reach customers, and provide better customer service. CRM services cover consulting, implementation, testing, support, and more.

Mobile App Development

Unity Android Games Development — Best AI Services — Software Development In Hyderabad

AIPROG mainly develops apps for Android and IOS.

Our Android App development experts can help you leverage Google Cloud technologies, implement google pay and in-app purchases, integrate Google assistant, and simplify sign-in processes with the Google identity platform.

We are experts in IOS development with the right expertise to build best-in-class functionality.

Game Development

Unity Games Development — Best AI Services — Software Development In Hyderabad

We offer customized 2D and 3D games that are user-friendly with excellent user-face designs. Experts in android game development convert your ideas into perfect 2D and 3D games using the latest tools and technologies.

We have a skilled team of unity 3D game developers specialized in all custom game development needs. Hire our trusted and experienced game development team for your custom project needs.

Micro Services

Microservices enable continuous integration and delivery, making it easy to try new ideas and roll back if something new doesn’t work. The low cost of failure requires experimentation, makes it easier to update code, and accelerates time to market for new features.

Marketing Automation

AI Tools — AI sales optimization tools and AI re-marketing APIs

With the help of our marketing automation, you can directly start automating your marketing processes. Automate moments in your customer journey from welcome programs to automated lead nurturing and re-engagement companies.

Aiprog’s marketing automation services enable businesses to stay ahead of the competition by configuring and integrating platform-based and AL-ML sales optimization tools.

With the right strategy and optimization, our services with platforms and our assistance with media help businesses in lead nurturing, personalized customer journeys, integrating sales and marketing departments, and maximizing the ROI.


Effortlessly personalize your bulk SMS with your name or custom fields. Our SMS service comprises 20+ multi-language support, two-way SMS scheduled, custom SMS templates, clean SMS reports, popular payment gateways, an anti-fraud message system with sender ID management, and many more.


AI Chat Bot — Make your conversation automate

Chatbots are software applications that use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand what a human wants and guides them to their desired outcome with work for their end-user as possible.

Our team has assembled the ultimate library of chatbots. Please look at our chatbots, where you can browse chatbot styles and approaches. You will see examples of B2B, B2C, and everything.

Custom Plugins

Whether you are a start-up, small business owner, or a large enterprise, Aiprog accommodates a single roof for multiple WordPress plugin development needs.

With hands-on experience in developing WordPress custom plugins, the developers at Aiprog focus on providing plugin solutions of high productivity.

Aiprog makes custom WordPress plugins to add advanced functionality to a website.


Website and Software Development with intelligence Algorithms for AI Sales optimization tools

Aiprog offers the best WordPress website development services for businesses at very affordable prices. Websites and the web world are growing continuously. And platforms like WordPress have emerged as significant contributors. This open-source platform has made it easier to design a customized website without much hassle.

Aiprog builds websites on WordPress because it is the easiest robust way to share your business on the web.

If you are wondering how to get a user-friendly, secure, fast, and easy-to-manage website to run your business online, then WordPress website development is the answer.

There is plenty of WordPress website development company in India. It would be best if you found a professional WordPress expert to design a WordPress website for your business.

We have managed a WordPress development service for all sizes of businesses. Whether you need website support for a start-up or revamp your well-established company with a professional WordPress website development service, one can define your business in the web world.

If you are wondering why WordPress has emerged as a popular choice for website development, we share some of the top features that have made WordPress a perfect platform for website development.

Video Motion Graphics Animation — Best AI Services — Software Development In Hyderabad

Video Development

We have professional video editing experts doing all kinds of video editing for your raw footage. Suppose you are looking for a trustworthy video editing company to get your videos quickly edited. In that case, we will be glad to do your task.

We also work on whiteboard animation, motion graphics, scripting, and voiceovers.

UI/UX Graphics Designing

Graphic Development

We implement UI/UX designs, including buttons, chatbots, dashboards, notifications, galleries, search bars, and touch screens, for a seamless consumer journey.

We help companies fulfill their branding vision by developing a brand from scratch or improving existing brands using our tools and skills.

Latest Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology — Best AI Services — Software Development In Hyderabad

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our AI service can solve multiple complex AI problems. We accelerate your data and AI transformation across your multi-cloud environment by providing agile, integrated, flexible solutions.

Machine Learning (ML)

Our machine learning AI services offer advanced algorithms to help organizations solve their business problem. Challenges, enabling data-driven decision-making and creating new business modules.

Deep Learning (DL)

Deep learning AI services include learning deep structured and unstructured representation of data that allows building a solution optimized from algorithms to solve machine-learning problems.

Our Best In Products

Haplly — Best friendship and Dating App to show real emotions real people


Haplly is a friendship and dating app designed and developed by AIPROG. It is a platform for single people seeking love and relationship. You can choose from millions of choices. Choosing the right partner is much more complicated than swiping left or right. Thus we provide customized rose features to show emotions.

Perceive Real — Makes Education Better, looking inside school business.


Perceive Real is an analytical software and a search engine for educational places. It is designed for parents to check the performance matrix and insights of any school, college, or institution to choose the right one for their child’s education.

Perceive Real aims to change and make a balance in the education system.

AIGames — Best Games with AI algorithms, automatic learning game

AI Games

We have developed many applications and customized 2D and 3D games that are user-friendly with excellent user interface designs. AIPROG believes in developing games with attractive UI that highly engage your target customers. We develop games for two of the most widely used mobile platforms. Android OS and IOS.

Moreover, we are a game development company that focuses on developing your craziest game-changing ideas and bringing them to reality with concept art enhancement, character designing, animation, game mechanism, programming, and texting.

AIHungry — Best restaurant and Food Delivery App with AI Sales optimization tools

AI Hungry

AIPROG offers software solutions, especially for hotels and restaurants. Our team has mastered the art of hotel software design and development by creating high-quality websites with features such as online booking, digital payment, support, and live chatbot services. We closely analyze and research your hotel and restaurant to showcase your specialties on the website. Our end-to-end creative solutions will create a powerful web presence for your hotel and restaurant in the competitive online space.

AIDoc — Best Hospital, Clinic and Doctor App with AI Sales optimization tools


AIPROG delivers excellent website development solutions to your healthcare center. After understanding your business requirements, objective, and targeted demographics, we start building a website that portrays the professionalism of your hospital or healthcare center. With over a decade of experience, we aim to deliver a cutting-edge software development solution that adds value to your website users and search engines.

AISMS- Best Two Way SMS Software with AI Sales optimization tools


AIPROG has developed the most innovative and comprehensive bulk SMS service platform. You can effortlessly personalize your bulk SMS with your name or custom fields. Composed of 20+ multi-language support, two ways SMS, scheduled, custom SMS template, clean SMS reports, popular payment gateways, and an anti-fraud management system.

How Our Software Development Company Is Different From Others

We have a team of highly skilled and intelligent people who connected and started AIPROG Company. The only purpose of AIPROG is to enhance technology and bring revolution.

If you want to get quality work for an affordable amount of money. Our best software development company in Lucknow and Hyderabad has a highly skilled team of developers and intelligent marketers.

Some companies hire low-skilled developers who cannot provide quality work. In this case, you need to hire the best software development company to get quality work done by experts quickly to satisfy all your development needs.

Software Development & Artificial Intelligence APIs

Team of Highly Skilled and Expert Software Developers in Lucknow

Do you want a technology that ruined the market? If your business is technology oriented, you could use better quality technology. For the first mover, your technology should stop other competitors from entering the market. For an existing business, only quality technology beats other competitors.

We are brilliant at programming and coding. No one can beat you in logic and programming. So, only take our software development services if you want quality. We are the best software development company in Lucknow and Hyderabad.

Marketing Services — special offer

Do you want to increase your daily sales by 80%, then you should consider our best digital marketing service. We have a highly-skilled, talented expert with deep business and marketing knowledge. We have proven and achieved top rank in our domain. We also remove the big bull from the market and show them that we are the king in the field we enter.
So, if you want fast growth, consider our best digital marketing service, as we are the best digital marketing company in Lucknow, India.

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