When facing document translation, translation companies generally list them as important translation items, and the time limit set when formulating a translation plan is generally longer.





At this stage, the translation company will arrange relevant translators according to the plan scheduled with the client. This stage is mainly translated by professional language translators, which is the first draft of the translation. The translation characteristics of this period are fast speed and error tolerance. High, the translator will complete the initial translation as soon as possible according to the company's plan.

Translation proofreading stage

At this stage, the first translation manuscript is checked in detail. The staff at this stage is composed of professional translators and related professionals. The translation errors and professional errors in the document are processed in a carpet manner to ensure the translation of the manuscript. After proofreading, the translation quality will be delivered to the artist for typesetting and format adjustment.

Document translation

Proofreading stage

The document has reached the final step in the translation company. At this stage, the main staff is responsible for professionals, mainly relying on professionals to carefully check the content of professional documents for errors, logic integrity, correct wording, and whether the layout conforms to Specifications. After all these verifications are completed, after confirming that the entire document is error-free, submit it to the company’s project department.

Deliver to customers

The translation company has completed the overall translation of the document and delivered it to the customer according to the time specified in the previous contract. The customer can check the quality of the translation during this process, and has the right to invite a third party to inspect the translated document, and the document translation is checked. After there are no problems, the translation company will explain to the client the responsibility allocation for problems that occur in the use of this document, for example: quality problems occur in the translation, and the translation company is solely responsible for correcting it, etc.

This is why the document translation takes a long time. Since document translation is a formal manuscript, the translation company will be cautious about it during the translation process to ensure the quality of the manuscript. As a professional translation company, Shanghai Yuma has a complete translation system and high-quality translators. For more details about document translation, please contact us!