It is very rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. The same applies to the students when it comes to practicing previous year question papers of Class 10, class 9th, class 8th of NCERT SYLLABUS.

Being a CBSE student in high school is no joke and needs a lot of perseverance and grit to score well. There are so many new topics that are introduced and covered in Class 10, class 9th, class 8th of NCERT SYLLABUS.

It is often said that the past prepares us for the future and that is exactly why students should practice previous year question papers of Class 10, class 9th, class 8th of NCERT SYLLABUS.

Here are a few reasons why you should practice previous year question papers:

  • Limited questions in the textbook

There are not many questions available in the textbook to practice sometimes. Thus, practicing previous year question papers will give you a lot of confidence over the topics.

  • It gives an idea of the paper pattern of board exams.

Board exams are no cake walk. You need to prepare for them with a lot of effort and hardwork. It always helps to practice previous year question papers because they serve as practice sessions for the main boards. You can check your speed of writing and solving questions while practicing previous year question papers.

  • Covers full syllabus

Previous year question papers cover the entire syllabus when compared to textbook exercises. Textbook exercise cover only a certain topics whereas previous year question papers have questions mentioned from the entire textbook.

  • Practice improves memory

It is scientifically proven that writing improves memory when compared to just by-hearting or passively mugging up concepts. Thus it is very important for students to practice previous year question papers.

  • Improves time management

When we solve questions from the textbook, we don’t keep a track of the time and might take up a lot more time than what is needed. But when you solve a model or previous year question paper, you can set the time on your phone or alarm and practice solving the entire question paper in the set time. This will help the students a lot of in the board exams. It will make sure that you don’t leave the questions unattempted.

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