5 top audiobook apps that you can listen to your favorite books while on the move
With the help of a number of simple-to-use applications that allow you to listen to the best audiobook apps at any time.

There's something mysterious in books that are audiobooks. Click play on a title and close your eyes and this format of digital audio can lead you across the globe and impart vast amounts of information and make you laugh out loud, and make you swell with emotions. With the help of a number of simple-to-use applications that allow you to listen to the best audiobook apps at any time you're with the opportunity to listen with your smartphone as well as a pair of headphones. If you're looking to enjoy an audiobook during your commute, at fitness, performing chores around the house, or just sitting in bed at night there is an app to assist you in doing so.

It is believed that Audible was responsible for its role in bringing digital audiobooks to the forefront. The platform changed the way that people shop which was dominated by DVDs and cassette tapes, to simple downloads that can be downloaded to your phone or MP3 player. Nowadays, Audible, now owned by Amazon has become the United States' largest audiobook producer and retailer.

Its Audible app, which is compatible with each iOS and Android It's as well-equipped as you would expect from an established player in the market. It comes with a convenient toolbar that allows you to be simple and simple to jump back into the last time you listened by simply accessing your home page. You can also listen offline using downloading, instead of streaming, titles.

Audiobooks.com isn't so well-known as Audible however it's a complete audiobook platform with an appealingly designed website as well as good iOS and Android applications.

An Audiobooks.com membership also grants you access to exclusive curated audio news and audio magazines, as well as audio summaries, as well as meditation and sleep content on the applications. It's also a very strong player in the marketplace of podcasts with its members having unlimited access to more than 100 millions episode of podcasts.

Browse over the thousands of titles that are available, or browse for and listen to podcasts immediately. Audiobooks.com's patent-pending syncing technology allows you can read the book on your phone then continue using your laptop to read it and then continue reading it in your home on tablets. We love the app's custom sleep timer for reading before bed.

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The NOOK platform was created by Barnes & Noble as an electronic-reader platform based on Android. It was launched in the latter half of 2009. Barnes & Noble still produces NOOK devices, however, the company has expanded to offer content and software.

After you've downloaded the audiobook of your choice it will sync with the NOOK app, and you can begin listening through the player in-app right away. If you have an individual NOOK device then the app and your device will be synced even as you listen. The app supports CarPlay and provides bookmarking capabilities, the possibility of setting alarms for sleep, and also the option to change the speed at which the narration plays.

Google Play Books for iOS(opens in a separate window) and Google Play Books & Audiobooks for Android(opens on the open page) are free apps that don't require a monthly commitment. They are recommended for people who listen only occasionally to audiobooks, perhaps you're on vacation, for instance, or for anyone who isn't sure if they're likely to be a fan of the audiobook experience and wishes to give it a try without committing to membership.

No monthly subscription is required You can browse through the available audiobooks and select to pay for the individual titles. In order to download the iOS app, you'll have to buy the book from Google Play Books. Google Play Books online store, and then they will be synced to your device's mobile.

Its Kobo Books platform is another that was launched with hardware the Kobo eReader's first version was released in the year 2010. Rakuten Kobo still makes electronic reading devices, but its apps, which are compatible with iOS(opens in an entirely open tab) and Android(opens in an entirely brand new window), can be utilized as standalone software for your smartphone.

Kobo Books is currently the most affordable of the major audiobook platforms, yet despite its lower monthly price, it offers more than 6 million eBooks as well as audiobooks.

If you visit the Kobo Books site you can browse titles using conventional categories, however, Kobo Books also offers some fascinating collections like "Audiobooks that can change the way you live", "Audiobooks that come alive with the sound of voice" and "Exciting audiobooks for children." When you purchase an audiobook from the website it will be synced to your smartphone.

Kobo Books' audiobook player is clean and simple in its appearance. Its features include the ability to alter the listen-to speed, the ability to set a timer for sleep as well as the ability to skip back or forward for ten seconds.

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