Window blinds are nothing new. They are a part of home accessories. You use blinds in windows to cut out excess light and dust.

Window blinds are nothing new. They are a part of home accessories. You use blinds in windows to cut out excess light and dust. They also offer you privacy. Blinds are easy to add to any room or window. But not all types may be the right choice for your home.

• Always focus on the right fabric selection depending on the needs

• Blend the blinds with the indoor décor

• Light shades and multiple layers are better options

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Always select the right length

The blind should not be too long or short It should just be of perfect length. There are different ways in which you can measure blinds. You can select full length or half-length blinds for any room.

The full length will cover the entire window from top to bottom. Half-length will usually cover the transparent glass part of the window. Both types look elegant in the room.

Try to add layers

You may not want to cut out light completely. This is why you can select sheer fabric material. You can select blinds in light and meshed material. Two or three layers of blinds can be added to the same window. This is one of the best ways to regulate light indoors.

The three-layered fabric material is easy to handle on the blinds rod. All three layers can be covered if you need complete privacy indoors.

Do ask experts to install

It is never easy to install blinds on your own. It requires a little technical knowledge. The rod has to be installed in the best position. If not, then the blind may not operate smoothly.

So when you need to install blinds in the room, do ask an expert to perform this task for you. DIY exercise may not prove much helpful if you are not a technical person.

Manage consistency

People often feel they can select different blinds for each room in the house. But this is never advisable. Always ensure that you select the same blind- design and fabric for each room. This will improve the overall looks indoors.

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in the same colour and pattern combination. This offers a very consistent look indoors. It makes the room appear different.

Avoid full-length blinds in the kitchen

Many people also select to install blinds in the kitchen. These are functional in any room. They prevent light and dust from entering indoors. They are a must in the kitchen. But do not select full-length blinds in the kitchen area.

You can select a half-length that will just go best for the kitchen. These types are also easy to maintain. For all other room, full length is always a better option.

You also need to focus on the fabric quality. You can select one that is easy to clean and dust. Blinds may need dusting very often. They are always exposed to harsh weather conditions. You can also use them outdoors.