​We provide online best quick heal antivirus software with pro all the latest premium version. Buy the latest software today at obeage.com.

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​We provide online best quick heal antivirus software with pro all the latest premium version. Buy the latest software today at obeage.com.

Speedy Heal Technologies Ltd is an IT security administrations supplier settled in Pune, India. The organization was previously known as CAT Computer Services Ltd and was begun as a PC administration focus in 1995. The organization was renamed as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2007.

Fast Heal Antivirus Pro : k7 total security antivirus

fast mend antivirus Total Ransomware Protection:

fast mend antivirus In this component speedy recuperate antivirus master gives you the aggregate and best ransomware assurance to your delicate information against a basic ransomware assault.

It consequently distinguishes all the obscure ransomware and squares the ransomware to enter in your gadget framework.

This component is extremely significant and furthermore exceptionally valuable on the grounds that the ransomware assault is increment step by step it implies your own and delicate information may be in danger.

So that reason this component is quite possibly the main highlights in fast recuperate antivirus professional and other speedy mend's items.

Web Security:

This element consequently obstructs all admittance to your gadgets from tainted and unstable sites.

At the end of the day, you would now be able to peruse anything on the web with no dread of your security penetrate.


A firewall is perhaps the main highlights of fast mend antivirus ace.

A firewall resembles your gadget framework guardian and it additionally impedes every one of the outside dangers of PCs.

The firewalls are fundamental for every one of the frameworks since it shields your gadget from outside dangers.

For instance DDoS Attacks And different Hackers Attacks.

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Highlights for fast mend web security:

Shield your on-line movement from dubious site's and stage's :

on the Internet all the movement of your are not ensured so your PC will be at high danger speedy recuperate web security secures your all the action on line eg: Bank, talk, email, and peruse online with nonstop .in India we are the least expensive and hit of antivirus and security items . we deal the your's best cost and we likewise sell speedy recuperate web security recharging. some merchant gives you fast mend web security 2018 yet we give you refreshed adaptation of speedy recuperate web security 2019.

speedy mend web security 2019 Secures your monetary exchanges on the Internet:

in this day and age all monetary exchange will done on the INTERNET however at some point we caught on the nectar canvas and our monetary subtleties was robbery . this issue settled by the fast recuperate web security 2018 . fast mend web security 2018 is most secure INTERNET security arrangements however in 2019 we have additional highlights about security in speedy recuperate web security 2019

Consequently obstructs tainted, counterfeit and phishing sites :

it is consequently obstructs tainted and furthermore phony and phishing site and make secure organization among you and web and speedy mend web security 2018 are more improved in 2019 fast recuperate web security 2019

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